Effectively oversee your dining, retail, and event operations using the most comprehensive software available in the club industry.

Mobile Point of Sale

Revolutionize Your F&B Experience

The latest Mobile Point of Sale app empowers your F&B team with the capability of handling the POS system right from their smartphones. Designed for smartphones that can be conveniently carried in an apron or pocket, this app elevates your F&B service by enabling tableside ordering, outdoor dining, beverage cart service, and poolside service.

No WiFi Needed - POS Anywhere

Offer your members a personalized shopping experience without the necessity of bringing items to the counter for checkout. Allow prompt settlement of member purchases, including the option to add a cart rental at the first tee or turn, and even sell golf balls directly from the beverage cart.

Perfect For Pro Shops

Utilize a WiFi network, cellular data connection, or even operate offline to take orders without any limitations on where you can serve your members. Once your device reconnects to Wi-Fi or cellular data, the order will be automatically sent.

Advanced Features

  • Easily handle chit settlements through the app using cash or member charge options.
  • Quickly search for members to promptly assign chits.
  • Assign seats to all individuals at the table.
  • Add items to open chits effortlessly.
  • Include gratuity as needed.
  • One device can be utilized for all dining areas, streamlining the process.

Customizable. Flexible. Integrated.

The Point of Sale application seamlessly integrates with Club Management, Event Management, and Inventory & Purchase Order, ensuring that all aspects of the business stay current and synchronized.
  • Data flows directly from Point of Sale to the Club Management (accounts receivable) application each time a new chit is generated.
  • Customize the appearance of Point of Sale by configuring menus, buttons, and colors to your liking.
  • Facilitate the issuance and redemption of gift cards, gift certificates, and member credit.
  • Enable credit card payments through third-party providers.

Multiple Ways to Customize POS

  • The club employs stationary terminals accessible to all staff for POS access.
  • Staff members carry mobile devices that can be utilized anywhere on the club premises.
  • A self-serve kiosk is available for members, allowing them to make quick grab-and-go purchases.
  • The integrated Online Ordering application empowers members to have POS capabilities at their fingertips.

Designed for Wait Staff Success

Our Point of Sale system simplifies tasks for your waiters and equips them with the necessary tools to deliver an exceptional dining experience.
  • Easily create individual chits for each member at a table and send them as a single order to the kitchen, streamlining billing groups.
  • View and manage your dining room seating arrangement directly on the Point of Sale screen, aiding wait staff in staying organized.
  • Design custom menus for servers or even for specific members to enhance the personalized dining experience.
  • Access a member's photo, meal preferences, and allergies to provide a tailored dining experience.
  • Pricing can automatically adjust based on the day and time, making it hassle-free to offer menu specials.

Point of Sale for the Retail Experience

Our Point of Sale system empowers your staff to efficiently manage a top-rated pro shop, ensuring exceptional service to your members.
  • Seamlessly integrate with the Tee Time Management application to effortlessly add a box of balls or cart rental to a tee time.
  • Maintain precise and up-to-date inventory counts by integrating with the Inventory & Purchase Order applications.
  • Synchronize inventory, financial reports, and member accounts through the end-of-day update process.
  • Access a member's purchase history to offer personalized equipment recommendations.

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