The Hotel Management application provides a comprehensive range of functionalities to efficiently handle reservations, guest information, and room necessities, making it the perfect solution for any club that offers overnight accommodations.

Complete Integration

The Hotel Management suite seamlessly integrates with your Jonas back office system, offering time-saving features that include:
  • Directly placing member charges on the folio.
  • Posting charges to member accounts.
  • Printing related chits during the checkout process.

Email Marketing

The Email Marketing application enables you to send personalized confirmations, pre-stay reminders, special offers, and gratitude notes, all aimed at enhancing repeat visits and guest satisfaction.

Custom Reporting

Create tailor-made reports using guest history data and monitor specific details to gain deeper insights into your target market with greater effectiveness.

Third Party Interfacing

Establish a strong feature set for your hotel by seamlessly connecting with third-party applications. Integrate your Hotel Management suite with various applications, including:
  • TV movie billing software
  • Pass key generators
  • Voicemail programs


Implement flexible room pricing that adjusts according to the room's availability at the time of reservation.

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