The Event Management application efficiently handles room configurations, scheduling, equipment, and a comprehensive array of services, ensuring a smooth booking process and stress-free events at your club.

Automated Event Orders

Event Management automatically generates your event order once the necessary information has been input into the system. From the main booking screen, you can effortlessly print or email the event order.

User Friendly Billing

Streamline your billing process by charging all event registrants collectively, saving you valuable time and effort.

Furthermore, you have the capability to:

  • Bill multiple members attending an event under a single registration, while maintaining individual billing.
  • Settle Point of Sale chits to an event as a whole, rather than processing individual member transactions.


  • Your club has the flexibility to personalize standard forms and design internal documents like contracts and thank-you letters, which can be automatically distributed upon registration.
  • Events remain organized and run seamlessly as tasks are automatically assigned based on user selections or event configurations.

Online Event Calendar

The online Event Calendar is the most effective method to showcase your club events on a ClubHouse Online website.

Benefits of using the online Event Calendar include:

  • Members can easily register themselves, other members, and guests for club events.
  • Event registration can include event-specific questions, like meal choices, golf cart requirements, or clothing sizes, ensuring adequate preparation.
  • Members can synchronize events with their computer or mobile phone calendar, ensuring they never miss an essential occasion.

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