We created Tee Time Management exclusively for the private golf club environment. It serves as a comprehensive golf management solution for clubs, allowing staff to efficiently handle various tasks related to processing, maintenance, billing, and reporting.

Control When Members Can Book Tee Times

Our system will automatically monitor predefined playing time restrictions and guest accompaniment rules, saving your staff the hassle of doing it manually.
  • Preventing members or specific membership types from scheduling reservations on particular days and times.
  • Setting a maximum limit on the number of guest rounds allowed per season.
  • Managing the availability of your cart fleet, removing carts awaiting repair from the available listing.

Personalize Your Members’ Experiences

Simplify the process for your staff to access member/guest information whenever required, saving them valuable time.
  • Enable your staff to effortlessly update the member or guest database without navigating to a separate screen when changes are needed.
  • Alert staff about a member's booking habits (cart usage, preferred caddies, etc.), contributing to a more personalized experience.
  • Conveniently access member preferences and purchase patterns (clothing, shoes, clubs, etc.), empowering staff to recommend products they know members will be interested in.

Make Managing Reservations Effortless

Enhance communication between the starter and the pro shop by integrating the Point of Sale and tee sheet.
  • The system will automatically determine the suitable green fees, eliminating the need for your staff to repeatedly search for them.
  • Print player names and tee times on each player's chit for the starter's convenience.
  • Simplify the booking process for guests and automatically add their fees to the Point of Sale to ensure no oversight occurs.


  • Deliver email notifications directly from the tee sheet, ensuring that members always receive reminders about their reservations.
  • Versatile tee sheet templates accommodating regular, tournament, or league play.
  • Employ automation to send email reminders to members for missing scores, ensuring precise handicap indexes.

Online Tee Times

Enable members to efficiently search for and reserve tee times online.

Let Members Book Reservations Online

Enable members to swiftly search for available tee times, choose their preferred slot, and add additional members or guests using their computer or any mobile device.
  • Reduce the frequency of calls and waiting times at the pro shop by offering online reservations.
  • Automatically integrate online reservations into your POS, applying the correct green and cart fees.
  • Empower members to access and modify their reservation details, eliminating the need to call if changes are required.

Match Play

Effortlessly organize team and singles match play tournaments.
  • Members can access the complete tournament bracket and schedule online.
  • Scores can be recorded for completed matches.
  • Member contact information is accessible in both single and team modes.

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