The dining experience, from booking to payment, should be effortless for you and your members. The Dining Reservations application ensures members can make reservations through various methods, catering to their preferences and requirements.


Maintain Accuracy

Effortlessly manage reservations from multiple workstations in a centralized system, reducing the possibility of double bookings and errors.

Upon seating your guests, the system automatically generates a chit in your Point of Sale and assigns the appropriate server for a seamless dining experience.

Simplify the Dining Experience

Tailor dining reservations to suit the unique requirements of your club.

  • Establish an expected turn rate for each table to prevent overbooking during busy hours.
  • Implement a maximum cover count to avoid overwhelming your kitchen staff.
  • Allow reservations for multiple dining venues within the same club.


  • Create multiple meal periods to help customize the dining experience.
  • Add attributes to each table such as fireplace seating, so they’re easy to differentiate.

Online Integration

Empower your members to make reservations conveniently through the club website or the mobile app.

  • Members can effortlessly search for dining availability online by specifying the date, time, party size, and preferred dining venue.
  • After making a reservation, members will receive an email confirmation as a convenient reminder.
  • Members can easily access all their bookings online and have the option to cancel them if necessary.

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