Typically, storing documents can be a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive undertaking. However, with the Document Management application, you can efficiently handle your documents and maintain their security with ease.


Store Important Documents

The Document Management feature enables you to securely store crucial system documents either by uploading them or scanning them directly into the system.


Easily Retrieve Related Documents

Eliminate the need for moving boxes and searching through cabinets. Instead, store all your documents in a centralized repository, associating them with specific members, vendors, and employees, making retrieval a hassle-free process.

Save Money. Stress Less.

By using Document Management, you can do away with the high storage fees imposed by storage companies, whether for accessing or discarding your own files.


  • Generate automated tasks to efficiently collect and store documents in large quantities, rather than handling them one by one.
  • View documents directly on the inquiry screen before downloading them to your workstation.

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