The Payroll application manages government rules and reporting, along with processing for multiple unions and fund remittances. Seamlessly integrated with all other Technyk applications, this solution supports various pay periods and enables users to create customized reports.

Flexible and Customizable

The Technyk Payroll and Timekeeper applications offer a degree of customization that is unparalleled by other systems.

  • Incorporate personalized fields into your payroll system for specialized reporting purposes.
  • Opt for either manual check issuance or automatic direct deposits to enhance efficiency and cost savings.
  • Efficiently allocate a single payment across multiple GL accounts.

Control Clock Ins

Configure an automatic timeout that starts five minutes before or after a shift, preventing employees from clocking in or out beyond this specific time frame.

Detailed Reporting

Our integrated payroll system communicates seamlessly with your entire club management system, offering exclusive reporting features like budgeting reports and comparative analysis.
  • Generate an employee cost analysis to assess workforce expenses.
  • Conduct a comparison between workforce costs and the revenue generated during a specified timeframe.

Our Outsourced Payroll Solution

ClubPay provides tailored payroll applications designed to cater to the distinct needs of the club industry. These software solutions are seamlessly integrated, adaptable, and scalable, catering to clubs of various sizes, ranging from 25 to over 1000 employees.
  • ClubPay provides a complete suite of payroll processing services.
  • ClubHR offers comprehensive human resource management and ensures compliance with regulations.
  • ClubTime facilitates efficient labor management.
  • ClubApplicant streamlines the hiring process and applicant management for clubs.

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