Utilizing our Activity Tracking application, you have the flexibility to handle member check-ins in various ways. This includes attendants checking members in, enabling self-check-ins by members themselves, or implementing an automatic check-in through the club's mobile app and beacon technology.

Understand Where Your Members Have Been in the Club

By utilizing the technology's integrated reporting feature, you can enhance your understanding of how club members utilize the facilities.

  • Observe the specific locations and timings of member entries into different areas of the club.
  • Identify facilities with lower usage rates, allowing you to anticipate and plan for staffing requirements accordingly.
  • Observe members who are not making full use of the facilities, enabling you to identify those who might be at risk or in need of further engagement.

POS Integration You Can’t Ignore

The Activity Tracking system seamlessly integrates with your POS, enabling you to automatically apply fees based on different criteria.

  • Incorporate charges for guests.
  • Automatically apply fees based on member rules or membership status.
  • Incorporate Ad-Hoc charges, like towel fees or other incidental expenses.

Gain a Real Time View

Keep track of member check-ins from any club workstation, allowing you to stay updated on which facilities are currently in use and who is utilizing them.

  • Receive notifications when members not in good standing attempt to access the club, prompting appropriate staff action.
  • Get alerted when members try to access club facilities not included in their specific membership class, ensuring adherence to membership privileges and guidelines.

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