By implementing Installment Billing and Pre-Authorized Payments, you streamline fee collection, minimize delayed payments, and alleviate the burden on your accounting department.


Installment Billing

The Installment Billing application efficiently manages charges that span multiple years, like entrance fees and installment share purchases, allowing you to create a flexible and budget-friendly payment plan that suits your members' preferences.

  • You can finance member entrance fees over fixed, monthly, semi-annual, or personalized billing cycles, providing a customized approach for each member.
  • Moreover, the system is fully customizable to cater to individual member requirements, and it can also apply interest charges if applicable.

Pre-Authorized Payments by Bank

Simplify the payment process for members by enabling automated bank drafts for their monthly statements.

  • Members can effortlessly activate this service through their member file.
  • The system generates a standard NACHA File, allowing swift bank deposits.
  • The club receives notifications about the scheduled fund drafts, assisting with cash flow management.

Pre-Authorized Payment by Credit Card

Simplify the process of paying monthly statements for members by implementing automated credit card billing.

  • Furnishes information regarding the scheduled fund drafts, aiding in better cash flow management.
  • In complete compliance with PCI standards.

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