The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application aids employees in monitoring milestones and interacting with potential members during the recruitment process, all the while nurturing existing relationships that have been established.


Centralize Your Prospective Member Data

Achieve better organization and accuracy by consolidating prospect and guest contact details, opportunity type, current stage of advancement, probability of closing, and necessary milestones in a centralized location.

  • Design and allocate activities for staff members.
  • Attach relevant documents for future reference.
  • Seamlessly convert a prospect file into a member file when the transition occurs.

Conveniently Integrated with Microsoft Outlook

Optimize your time by efficiently handling prospect, member, and banquet opportunity communications through the integrated Outlook plug-in.

  • Easily include emails and file attachments from Outlook.
  • Assigned activities will seamlessly integrate into your task list.
  • Meetings scheduled in CRM will be automatically added to your calendar as appointments.

Automate Your Membership Marketing Emails

Utilize the benefits of automated email marketing campaigns to foster relationships with your potential members.
  • Craft your membership marketing emails just once, leveraging personalization tokens for effective targeting.
  • Get alerted when members try to access club facilities not included in their specific membership class, ensuring adherence to membership privileges and guidelines.
  • Once a prospect converts to membership, they will be removed from all membership mailing lists, ensuring relevant and targeted communication.

Get a Snapshot of your Sales Pipeline

Easily access the most relevant statistics with the help of built-in reporting.

  • Predict future revenues from membership dues.
  • Generate reports based on various criteria, such as sales representative, age of the opportunity, likelihood of closing, and more.

Elevate the Member Experience

Stay actively connected with your membership by ensuring that member comments and milestones are always attended to. With the CRM application, users can.

  • Generate and assign tasks related to members to staff members.
  • Monitor the completion status of tasks to ensure timely follow-ups.

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