Consistently, loyalty programs continue to be a significant factor influencing brand selection and customer loyalty. Technyk Loyalty establishes individual accounts for each member, allowing them to accumulate points or dollars through purchases of specified items at your club.

Control How Members Spend Their Money

Tailor the way you provide points or dollars and the method members can utilize them.

  • Limit the redemption of points to specific time slots throughout the day.
  • Enable members to accumulate points when they buy particular products or avail specific services.
  • Offer redemption options for specific locations or services, motivating members to explore new offerings like the latest shiatsu massage service.

Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

The integration between the Loyalty application and the Email Marketing application enables you to focus on particular members or groups with your loyalty promotions.

  • For example, you can send an email advertising 500 loyalty points to golf enthusiasts at your club.
  • Additionally, you can automatically award points to a member on their birthday, enhancing engagement and personalized interactions.

It’s Easy to Administer

Generating reports and setting expiration dates for your loyalty rewards has never been easier.

  • Loyalty lists are continuously monitored in real-time, ensuring you have up-to-date and precise information.
  • Effortlessly generate reports to efficiently manage your loyalty program.
  • Implement expiry dates to prevent points from accumulating excessively.


  • The Loyalty application is seamlessly and swiftly integrated into your Point of Sale and Accounting system, ensuring smooth and efficient processing.
  • Present the loyalty balances of members directly on their monthly statements.

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