With the Inventory application, you have full control over every aspect of your inventory process, ensuring your club always maintains an accurate and current inventory status.

Keep Track of Your Inventory

Easily maintain accurate inventory counts by scanning, uploading, and comparing items using automatically generated barcodes. Just follow two straightforward steps:
  • Step 1 - Scan an item to generate a data file that can be seamlessly uploaded into the inventory system.
  • Step 2 - Upload your data file to allow staff to compare it with the current inventory data, ensuring precision and avoiding inaccuracies.

Accurate and Efficient Integration

Inventory smoothly integrates with the following applications:
  • Purchase Order
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Point of Sale

Customize Your Counts

Tailor inventory unit requirements for individual business areas to cater to specific departmental demands.

  • Distinguish distinct units of measure for purchasing and selling.
  • Establish unit of measure conversions, such as from dozen to sleeve, liter to glass, and others.
  • Generate inventory snapshots for chosen inventory groups and stock locations.

Administrative Control

Minimize the possibility of user errors by implementing restrictions and rules.

  • Control access to particular inventory information depending on predefined user groups.
  • Constrain the sale of a retail item to specific sales areas.

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