Our primary goal goes beyond ensuring your satisfaction; it also extends to the contentment of your members. Allow us to collaborate closely with you to optimize your Website & Email Marketing program, ensuring its full potential is realized and meeting the needs of both you and your members.

Online consulting includes:

A website that mirrors your club's prestige, rich history, and community reputation.

Enhanced online visibility, making it effortless for people to find your club through search engines and social media.

Boosted club revenue through heightened member engagement in events, higher promotion adoption, and increased facility utilization.

Opportunities to generate revenue from external sources, including events, private functions, and bookings from non-members.

A team of dedicated experts working closely with you throughout the entire process, from crafting site content to the final completion of the website.


Page Design

The significance of the language and visuals in your page's content cannot be emphasized enough. Page content is the driving force behind people visiting your website. Keeping it dynamic and regularly refreshed will encourage viewers to return repeatedly. The essence of content lies in the 3 R's: it must always be informative, pertinent, and up-to-date.


Photo Galleries

Creating a unique brand identity for your website heavily relies on its appearance and ambiance. Our Lightbox Gallery, featuring carefully selected photographs and brochure scans, will elevate the visual appeal of your site. We guarantee that your photos will present your club in the most favorable and captivating manner.


Web Forms

Gather real-time, measurable feedback directly from your website visitors on various matters. Web forms are a convenient way for your visitors to submit official requests for using your club's facilities, streamlining the process of acquiring necessary information. Our team will create and integrate custom web forms tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Course Tours & Scorecards

Allow our experts to craft a captivating presentation of your golf course through an interactive online course tour and scorecard. We will meticulously resize and enhance all images while providing detailed course information and descriptions for each golf hole.


Search Engine Optimization

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service focuses on optimizing your website's content to enhance its performance in organic search results. By formatting the content effectively, we ensure that search engines can easily index your site, resulting in increased traffic and greater visibility for your brand.


Consulting Services

We offer assistance in configuring Google Webmaster Tools and Google Places, which includes submitting a sitemap. Additionally, we provide support for Google Analytics, setting up goal conversions, and tracking analytics data.


Custom Email Templates

Personalized and branded email templates are effective tools to engage your club members in events and activities. They provide a convenient way to showcase upcoming club events and foster a strong sense of community among your members. The design of these templates can be customized to match the overall look and feel of your website, ensuring cohesive branding.


Email Automation

With the ClubHouse Online Email Marketing system, we will configure predefined criteria to automate the sending of emails to specific groups of contacts. For instance, you can schedule statement reminder emails to be sent to your membership or create a series of emails to be automatically dispatched throughout your membership drive.


Custom Graphics

Tailor-made banners designed to showcase at the header of emails for effortless interchange.


Email Creation

We are delighted to help you craft and construct an HTML version of an email. These personalized emails can be created with or without the use of a template.


Contact Management

Our team will generate dynamic contact lists, categorizing them based on specific criteria. Contacts will automatically join or leave segments according to whether they meet the defined criteria, such as membership type or program interest. Additionally, we can assist in creating static groups of contacts, where contacts are manually added and removed, or when a contact chooses to unsubscribe from your list.


Campaign Management

Campaign management involves establishing a delivery group to efficiently oversee a sequence of messages in a promotional life-cycle. Comprehensive reporting will be provided to identify patterns, anomalies, and gain valuable insights into the most effective performing messages.

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