Provide members with the flexibility to schedule their upcoming matches either in person at the club or conveniently online through the club's website or mobile app.


A Simple Four Step Process

With the Court Booking application, users of all skill levels can effortlessly handle different processes within the system and directly bill members upon confirming a booking.

  • Choose from available times and booking types (e.g., single, double, lesson, etc.).
  • Select an existing member/guest or add a new guest for the booking.
  • Assign various resources, such as equipment or instructors, to the booking.
  • Save the booking, completing the process efficiently.

Assign Customized Privileges

Establish predefined booking regulations according to member status, dues category, or even for individual members

These privileges can be determined based on:

  • Court fees
  • Advanced booking allowance
  • Number of bookings.

Court Control

Leverage a range of customization choices to offer your members an exceptional experience tailored to their needs.

These customization options enable you to:

  • Establish personalized time intervals.
  • Record and access comprehensive member/guest preferences.
  • Create specific booking time slots based on the court and the day of the week.

Book Courts Online

Facilitating court reservations for your members has never been simpler, suitable for various sports like tennis, squash, pickleball, and even curling.

  • Members can easily search for available events by selecting the date and court type that suits their preferences.
  • Furthermore, they have the option to include additional amenities, such as a ball machine, when making their court bookings.
  • Upon completing a court reservation, members will promptly receive an email confirmation.

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