Appointment Booking comprises a comprehensive set of interconnected back-office, online, and mobile tools that empower your staff and service providers to manage their schedules effectively. This integrated suite offers a fresh approach for your members to engage with them seamlessly.

Book Appointments Online

Empower your members with the convenience of booking appointments effortlessly, no matter the time, place, or device they use.
  • Your members will have the flexibility to search for appointments based on their preferred date and service type, making it simple to find a suitable time.
  • Additionally, they can sync their appointments with their computer or mobile phone calendar, ensuring they stay on top of important events and never miss a crucial occasion.
  • Moreover, members can easily access all their scheduled appointments online and have the option to cancel them when necessary.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Designed with your needs as the top priority, the Appointment Booking application is fully equipped to manage all sorts of one-on-one appointments your club provides. These may include:
  • Personal training
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Spa services

Provider Portal

Enable your service providers to conveniently access their schedules online, ensuring they seize every opportunity to book appointments with members without any chance of missing out.


Generate automated reports that provide insights into revenue projections, track the number of "no-shows" and "cancellations" for each member, and more. These reports enable you to make informed decisions and gain valuable analytics for your business.

Members can view all their appointments online and cancel them if they need to

Enable members to synchronize their Google/Outlook calendar, giving them the convenience of viewing all their scheduled appointments seamlessly in one place.

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