Comprehending the needs of your business, we furnish the essential tools to enable your team to effortlessly monitor and generate reports for all transactions taking place within your facility. This includes tracking member spending at the restaurant as well as the payable history with specific vendors.


Accounts Payable - Control the Payable Process

With the assistance of the Technyk Accounts Payable Application, you can efficiently manage your complete cash flow process, eliminate the need for manual tasks, and ensure precise financial records.

  • Easily and swiftly set up and record payables.
  • Enhance security while reducing costs.
  • Implement simple and secure check processing to minimize check fraud.

Membership Management & Accounts Receivable - The Heartbeat of the Technyk System

This powerful application enables you to efficiently manage all your membership data and ensures accurate billing for your members.

  • All member transactions are seamlessly recorded in their accounts automatically.
  • Save time by directly emailing statements from your system.
  • Customize member accounts with various fields to facilitate segmented reporting.
  • Effectively track tournament vouchers, gift certificates, and related credits to optimize cash flow.

The Foundation of the Accounting Software Suite

The General Ledger (G/L) feature enables you to post balances, handle accruals with automatic offsets, and effortlessly manage recurring entries, among other functionalities.

  • Eliminate the need for manual year-end journal entries, resulting in a stress-free year-end process.
  • Set up automated recurring journal entries for greater efficiency.
  • Seamlessly update your budget using actuals and generate forecasts directly from the Technyk system.

Online Applications

Transition to a paperless system, replacing printed club rosters and paper statements with digital alternatives.


Online Roster

Present and manage member details on your club website, facilitating seamless connections among your members.

  • Showcase member photos, birthdays, dependents, and custom fields tailored to your club's needs.
  • Enable members to create and handle buddies lists and groups.
  • Ensure full responsiveness and optimization for both mobile and tablet devices.

Online Statements

Offer your members real-time online statements to avoid any surprises at the end of the month.

  • Members can access current information about monthly minimums, credit book balances, and loyalty points.
  • Detailed statements from previous months and individual charges, including specific chits, can be easily viewed.
  • The system is fully responsive and optimized for seamless access on mobile and tablet devices.

Online Payments

Online Payments offer a quick and secure method for members to pay their monthly statements.

  • Streamline staff tasks, as manual processes for depositing member payments into the bank account become less time-consuming and labor-intensive.
  • Members have the convenience of using credit card or bank draft options for payment.
  • Especially beneficial for members abroad, this becomes the easiest way to settle their monthly statements.

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