Members are now seeking more than just traditional club activities, and classes have become a significant aspect of club culture. To assist you in efficiently managing these functions, we have designed a user-friendly Class Scheduling application.


Class Scheduling Made Simple

The staff can swiftly arrange a single class or set up recurring classes and assign instructors with ease. Furthermore, they have the option to merge multiple classes, creating comprehensive courses that enable members to register for the entire series in one go.


Booking Search

Through the client booking search tool, users have the ability to click on a specific member, granting them a quick overview of all the member's upcoming registrations in one place.


User Friendly Processing

Effortless procedures ensure that even inexperienced system users can effortlessly carry out their daily tasks.

Our process-oriented design enables users to navigate seamlessly through various scheduling tasks, which would otherwise be time-consuming and challenging to manage.

Member Registrations on the Web and Mobile App

  • Members have the option to sign up for individual classes or enroll in courses.
  • Members can register themselves, their family members, or other club members for classes or courses.
  • Members can view the list of other members who have registered for a particular class or course.

Club Staff Control

  • The club staff has the authority to set up advanced booking limitations.
  • Classes and courses can have specific restrictions based on age and gender.

Classes and Courses in One Place

  • The class and course schedule can be showcased online in both Calendar and List View formats.
  • The online schedule allows sorting options by Time of Day, Class Level, Class Type, Instructor, Location, and Gender.

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