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The Premium App Experience Your Members Deserve

The ClubHouse Online Mobile App has undergone a complete redesign for 2023, ensuring that your members receive the outstanding mobile experience they deserve. Our native club branded app offers integrated service experiences your members desire, along with the capability to send instant, targeted notifications and alerts.

Your Brand | Our Integrated Technology

The latest ClubHouse Online Mobile App has been completely reinvented to surpass the expectations of clubs and their members. The brand-new native app boasts an elegant and customizable design, a user interface that prioritizes the ultimate user experience, and an array of features empowering members to accomplish more while on the move.

Explore the Mobile App Features


Request My Clubs

With a simple tap of the app, members can swiftly request their clubs to be brought out from the back shop. They can even provide specific instructions, such as requesting their clubs to be cleaned or asking for an extra sleeve of balls.


Biometric Login

Accessing your club app has never been simpler. Members can now link their App login with their device's Biometric signature, which includes fingerprint and facial recognition, for easy and secure sign-ins.


Class Scheduling

As members seek more than just traditional club activities, the mobile app streamlines class registration, enabling members to easily sign up for a single class or course, add their family members or other club members, and make modifications directly from their mobile devices for added convenience.


Appointment Booking

Simplify the process for your members to schedule appointments with your club's service providers. Whether it's booking a golf lesson or a massage, members can utilize the mobile app to access the service provider's schedule, make an appointment, and easily modify or cancel as needed.


Book a Tee Time

Through Tee Times, your members have the convenience of searching for available slots, making a reservation, and including other members or guests in their booking, all while being on the move.


Register For An Event

Signing up for events on the move is hassle-free. Members can search for events by date or view a comprehensive list of upcoming club events. Upon finding the desired event, they only need to provide any mandatory information requested by the club and complete the registration process with ease.


Make a Dining Reservation

Dining Reservations empowers your members to efficiently make bookings at any of your club's dining venues. To secure a reservation, members need to select the facility, date, time, and party size. Additionally, they have the option to include notes with special requests for the reservation.


Schedule a Court Booking

Provide your members with the convenience of instantly scheduling available court times on their mobile devices. With Court Booking, members can swiftly search for open courts on their preferred date, reserve the desired court time, and receive a confirmation email, all with just a few simple clicks!


View Statements

If your staff frequently receives requests to check account balances for members, Statements provides an excellent solution to reduce these calls while enhancing member services. This solution offers quick and easy access to Statements, including chit details, Credit Book, Minimums, and Outstanding Balances, ensuring a seamless experience for your members.


Search the Club Roster

Stay connected with your members using the Roster app. This user-friendly tool allows members to easily search the club roster by name and access contact information shared by other members. By clicking on email addresses or phone numbers, your mobile device will promptly create an email or initiate a call to the provided telephone number.


The Power to Make a Difference

Club 311 enables members to report any issues they come across within the club, such as structural damage, missing equipment, lighting problems, and more. This proactive approach not only fosters a sense of member involvement but also contributes to the overall well-being and maintenance of the club.


Accurately track who has visited your club

With just a tap of the app, members can utilize their digital member card to gain access through any club scanner. This seamless process provides members with a smooth experience, while management gains the ability to accurately monitor and track club visits for each individual.


Valet Request

Is your membership experiencing extended waiting times for their vehicles? Our valet request feature connects members directly to the valet service from any location, enabling them to transition effortlessly from the club's entrance to their waiting ride.


Quick Tap Ordering

Through mobile ordering, your members gain the convenience of placing food orders from any location. Whether arriving just before a lesson or feeling hungry on the 7th hole, they can easily order a smoothie or grab a sandwich at the turn without any delays.

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