Whether you are starting to provide wellness services or managing a comprehensive health and spa facility, our Spa Management application will streamline your day-to-day operations and contribute to creating a more tranquil experience for both your members and staff.

Member Tracking

Maintain comprehensive health, booking, and internal notes, enabling your staff to provide personalized attention to your members' specific requirements. These notes will be readily available during booking, check-in, or both, depending on individual user preferences.

Commissions and Gratuities

You can create commission plans for both services provided and products sold. Moreover, the system automatically calculates and assigns commissions to the appropriate providers, and if necessary, it can be split to ensure equitable distribution.

Customizable Views

Customize views according to individual user requirements. For instance, users booking a massage therapist can choose to see only that employee's schedule.

Additionally, users can save their preferences, and each time they log in, the main booking screen will automatically display their preferred view.

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