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Point of Sale


Efficiently manage your dining, retail and event operations with the most feature rich software in the club industry.

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The Point of Sale application integrates with Club Management, Event Management and Inventory & Purchase Order, keeping all business areas up to date.
  • Information flows directly from Point of Sale to the Club Management (accounts receivable) application after every new chit is created.
  • Control the look and feel of Point of Sale through custom menus, buttons and colors.
  • Issue and redeem gift cards, gift certificates and member credit.

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  • Create individual chits for each member at a table and submit them all to the kitchen as a single order so billing groups is hassle free.
  • Create and view your dining room seating arrangement directly on the Point of Sale screen to help keep wait staff organized.
  • Have custom menus designed for servers, or even for specific members to help personalize the dining experience.

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