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Year after year, loyalty programs remain one of the biggest drivers of brand choice and loyalty. Technyk Loyalty creates an account for each of your members, where they can accrue points or dollars with purchases made on designated items at your club.

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Customize how you offer points or dollars and how members redeem them.
  • Make your points redeemable only at certain times during the day.
  • Allow members to accumulate points when they purchase specific merchandise or services.
  • Make points redeemable for certain locations, or services, which can help you encourage members to try new services you offer such as that new shiatsu massage.

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Integration between the Loyalty application and the Email Marketing application allows you to target specific members or groups with your loyalty promotions.
  • Send an email promoting 500 loyalty points to golf enthusiasts at your club.
  • Automatically allocate points to a member on their birthday to help engage with them.

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