Billing & Payments

Installment Billing and Pre-Authorized Payments facilitate the collection of fees, reduce late payments and reduce strain on your accounting department.

Installment Billing

⇒ The Installment Billing application handles multiple year charges, such as entrance fees and installment share purchases so you can set up an affordable payment plan, tailored to your members’ needs.

  • Finance member entrance fees over a fixed, monthly, semi-annual or custom billing cycle.
  • Fully customizable to meet each member’s needs.
  • Charge interest if applicable.

Pre-Authorized Payments by Bank

⇒ Make it easier for members to pay monthly statements through automated bank draft.

  • Easily setup this service within their member file.
  • Creates a standard NACHA File that can be quickly sent to the bank for deposit.
  • Lets a club know when funds will be drafted, helping with cash flow.